Lads on tour – MALTA

Last night I got back from an epic lads trip to Malta. It was so much fun and it is pretty tragic that I’ve had to come back. Still, my friends and I had such a good time I think it will definitely go down as one of my highlights of the year!

We did quite of few touristy things like see megalithic temples, visit the Mdina (oldest city in Malta), chill on the beach and go to the hypogeum.  We also dined out, partied hard and got minimal sleep most nights. But what I loved the most about Malta, aside from the perfect weather (around 29ºC everyday), is that Maltese people are just so friendly and happy. We all felt very welcomed from the start and so it was so easy for us to settle in and enjoy ourselves.  We had some tragic but really funny stories about using the bus, but I’ll save that for another blog.  Overall, I think Malta is a great place to chill, de-stress and experience a different way of life.  I give it 5/5 on the spice scale.

Here are some photos of our lads tour:



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