Gains from going vegan!

In January, I cut out all meat, diary, fish and eggs from my diet, and have not looked back since. Some people have assumed that “this is a phase” or have asked “when are you eating meat again?” WRONG, my friend (stand back)! In terms of the bigger picture, I know that when it comes to my life and what I want to do for myself, as long as I’m not harming anyone else, people’s judgements are entirely irrelevant. Anyway, here are some of the top benefits of going vegan.

  1. Informed decisions about food: I’ve been doing lots and lots of research about nutrition and food; I’ve been exposed to many of the lies told to us by the meat and diary industries in order for us to continue to purchase their products, and it’s definitely been shocking on the whole. However, now I know that I’m in a great place because the foods that I currently eat (starches, legumes, fruits and vegetables) are so nutritious and beneficial to my health.
  2. Better skin: To be honest, thanks to great African genetics (black don’t crack and all that), I’ve never struggled with things like acne and hormonal spots. However, my issue was maintaining the softness and moisture of my skin. I’ve noticed that my skin is now super soft and I don’t get same dryness during the day if I don’t moisture in the morning. I also drink about 3+ litres everyday so that does help a lot.
  3. More energy:I eat tons and tons of fruit everyday and my energy levels are epic. I don’t feel drained or exhausted after lunch, which was always the case when I ate meat and cheese during the day. It’s also easy to maintain my energy levels because all I have to do is nibble on a few apples or handfuls of grapes and I’m good to go. I’m also motivated to exercise and improve my fitness, which is so good for my health in the long run.
  4. Weight loss: Though my aim was to tone up and increase my fitness, I have managed to shed a few pounds as a result of becoming vegan and cleaning up my diet. I buy dresses and tops in a dress size smaller and I feel better in the clothes that I wear.
  5. Best for the animals: Most people are completely unaware about how animals are treated on large-scale farms – it’s nothing less that horrendous. If more people knew about it, I know that those responsible wouldn’t be able to get away with it.  I know that by removing animal products from my diet, I do not contribute to the abuse of farm animals and their sickness/terror/fear does not enter my body. (Have a look at Earthlings trailer on Youtube).
  6. Prioritising my health: As a vegan, you obviously have to be aware of what you are eating. This means constantly reading labels and asking does this food contain milk (or cheese, eggs, etc).  As a result, I’ve become aware of my health as a whole and feeling good inside and out is my priority. I’ve given up using cosmetics on my face that are not natural. For example, I don’t use lipstick or eyebrow pencils anymore, and I make my own hair and skin moisturisers made from coconut oil and other natural products. I stretch every morning to get my body ready for the day and I get at least 8 hours of sleep most days. I also strip and run outside as soon as I see some sunrays, which is obviously essential to the production of that spicy vitamin D.

There are countless benefits that I haven’t mentioned, but the ones above are the most significant for me. I’m overall excited to progress and become more secure in my path. And I hope I can inspire others to give veganism a try.


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