How to escape the rat race

Alors, I just watched a video on Youtube that had a really intriguing title ‘How to escape the rat race (create a non-job)’ by Elliot Hulse – he’s a motivational speaker who’s passionate about bodybuilding, physiology and psychology so check him out if you find that stuff interesting. Personally, this video speaks to me because I have always wanted to feel free whilst still achieving my goals, which is obviously easier said than done because it’s sort of an ongoing process… So, what I want to do now is summarise the key points from the video and review them in relation to where I want to be.

  1.    Love Something

Elliot encourages everyone who is curious about an idea/topic to pursue it and fully immerse yourself in it. This can be done by reading about it, watching documentaries, attending seminars or workshops etc. I think this is absolutely vital, and the only way to actually understand and learn about something new is by chasing it.

I’m pretty obsessed with veganism and nutrition and it’s basically most of what I’ve been reading about over the last few months. However, one thing that has slipped in the last let’s say 2 months is my passion for theatre and acting. I now know that it’s because I haven’t been getting much work, which evidently can be discouraging even for the most hopeful person. On top of this, the last time I went to the theatre was probably in March. Before then, I was going at least one a week. I’ve also stopped going to seminars and workshops about acting which isn’t good AT ALL. There’s a play on at the Gate theatre that I got a recall for (a few months back) which I’d like to see. I’ll book a ticket for Monday.

  1. Share the love

This point is about sharing your passion with others. Elliot does this by creating videos online and organising events that allow him to share his knowledge, motivate and discuss ideas with like-minded people. He suggests writing and speaking about the things that you love, as often as you can, by, for example, creating a club dedicated to the given topic or even writing a e-book about it. It’s up to you as the individual to use whatever medium you prefer to share your love.

I have met a few vegans (by a few I literally mean one cousin) who I’ve been able to (BRIEFLY) share info with. I know that there is a big vegan community out there but I have yet to make any personal connections and share my love for the plant-based life!! (DUN KNOOO!) In terms of acting, what I’d like to do now is start with theatre reviews and maybe even French film reviews.  Who knows!

  1. Receive the love

This last point was a bit unclear because by love, Elliot was referring to financial rewards and not the love/passion he was previously talking about. Either way, we would all love to do what we enjoy and get paid for it. He talks about the means through which he makes his money, which includes Youtube advertisements and organising seminars. What he did underline was that the financial security would eventually come if you choose to be passionate and bold enough to pursue the things that excite you. For me that’s an important message because not only will I remain optimistic about making money, I won’t need stress about it too as it is pretty much inevitable.

How to escape the rate race (create a non-job) video:

Here’s a link to Elliot’s YouTube page:


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