11 weeks in and going strong!

So I’ve just got back from Paris and I’m in the mood for writing. This is an update about the goals I set for myself at the start of the year. This might be a long one so hold tight. Allons-y (Let’s go)!

  1. Adapt a healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating well:

I began looking into how what I eat affects my body. I have watched and read a lot about the food industry and its regulatory agencies, and how the latter effects the former. Pretty early on in January I decided to stop eating meat. I wasn’t too strict so I ended up having it maybe 3 times in that month. I eventually cut out all dairy, meat and eggs and so by early February, in terms of what I ate, I was mostly vegan (I have a bit of dark chocolate about once a fortnight). Given that this is a long-term thing it hasn’t been as big of a challenge as I thought it would be but I think that might be because becoming vegan/vegetarian has been at the back of my mind over the last year or so.  My mum has also been very accommodating too and has actually bought more fruits and vegetables and rarely any meat. (She is probably on her way to becoming a vegetarian to be honest.) Also, I find that when you embark on such a journey somehow the right information comes along to assist you. For example, I have come across really useful tutorials and websites that provide vegan meals. I contacted a vegan in the USA who gave me a site that shows all the vegan/vegetarian restaurants in my area. Now when I go out to eat I always get the vegan option. For example, for my birthday I went to a vegan-friendly restaurant and the food was absolutely delicious!

In terms of exercise, I work out about 3-4 times a week. I want to be able to do 5 pull-ups by the summer and so I’m working on my upper body strength as well as general flexibility. Overall, as a result of the changes I have made, I feel much better and healthier. Tina, the name I gave to my belly flabs, is disappearing quick quick! I am getting closer and closer to seeing the abs that I have always dreamed of but never quite managed to get.  Trust me when I say that as soon as they appear they’ll be on display 24/7!

  1. Travel to 7 new cities:

As I mentioned, I just got back from a wonderful trip to Paris. It is such a great city with lots of history and culture. I can truly say that I will be living in Paris in the future for at least 5 years.

This summer, some friends and I are going to Malta for a week (sun, sea, booze and all that). I’m also planning to go away with a close friend of mine and will be travelling to visit another in Warsaw, Poland.  Aside from the trip to Malta, the others are spontaneous trips and I hope that the other 3 of the 7 are unexpected and last-minute too.

  1. Inspire and motivate others

I hope that I have been doing this so far. I have received quite a lot of encouragement so far which is really nice. It’s a great feeling to know that people support and believe in you.

  1. Start working as a model, do more commercials and voiceover work:

Around mid-February I signed with a modeling agency called Lorde Inc. They are really great for promoting all kinds of people, from different backgrounds and of different sizes (so not the size 4/6 Caucasian you would typically see in magazines and commercials). I know that this is just the start of something incredible and I’m really excited to see how things develop throughout the year.

As for the acting, I have been to many auditions but have not yet managed to get a role. I know for the most part it is a bit of a waiting game. However, I like to see this period as the ‘groundwork’ stage. By ‘groundwork’ I mean attending lots of different workshops/seminars about various aspects of acting (movement, character development, the use of real stories in theatre, etc), going to the theatre about 1 or 2 times a fortnight and watching more French films.

While in Paris I did go to the cinema with a girl that I met on the first day, but we both fell asleep; to be fair, I don’t think we were the only ones who did. First of all, the film was in Arabic with French subtitles. If the film wasn’t so painfully slow I would have been interested in following the subs but the boredom was real. Also the room was just so nice and warm and dark, it was basically impossible not the drift off. Moving on swiftly…

Last week I made a voicereel with a great sound engineer and voiceover expert. He coached me through the whole thing and encouraged me along the way. It should be ready and up on my Spotlight by the end of next week and that will definitely help with getting voiceover work.

  1. Develop and maintain an impenetrably positive and confident mind set

I would say that I’ve had the most progress here and that has filtered through to all aspects of my life. I think when you have a lot of positive energy things that would typically get you down have little to no effect.  I also feel completely at ease doing my own thing. I have also always been confident and independent but now I feel more secure in who am I (and which spices I can bring to the table #isthatmeyh #spicelife #iwokeuplikethis) which relates to my self-worth as opposed to my self-esteem.  Last of all, I know that in terms of the bigger picture everything will work out so I have no reason to stress about the small things.

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