Royal Television Awards 2015

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the RTS North East and the Border awards in Newcastle. It was an enjoyable and exciting night with lots of tasty wine. Being the classy woman that I am, I did manage to sneak off with a whole bottle of red…

Left to right: Joe Maw, me, Alan Fairholm, Amy-Leigh Hickman and Mia Mckenna Bruce

Left to right: Joe Maw, me, Alan Fairholm, Amy-Leigh Hickman and Mia Mckenna Bruce

Anyway, my aim in writing this blog is not to review the night but to celebrate my progress.

Throughout 2013 I was a waitress for a catering-staff agency and worked at different events e.g. business conferences, weddings (mostly Indian for some reason), private members’ clubs, fundraising galas, a hotel, sporting events and so on. The work was straightforward but sometimes very exhausting because I was always required to be on my feet and to help out whenever possible. At some events the rules were very strict and therefore efficiency was imperative.

Last night, as the waiter was pouring drinks for my table, I took a moment to acknowledge the fact that only 14 months prior I was the person pouring drinks, clearing tables and catering to the needs of guests. I experienced and learned a great deal as a waitress, not just about the catering/food industries, but in terms of interacting with new people, being attentive and professional, having a secure work ethic and punctuality – still have a few issues there but we can let that one slide for the time being. I am very glad that I was able to learn so much. Still, I’m even more grateful that now I only do work that I enjoy in the industries that I like!

(Made it out the struggle.)


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