RADA audition and results

Earlier today I had my preliminary audition for BA Acting at RADA. In the morning I decided to cycle instead of taking the bus and, to be honest, since I hadn’t used my bike in a while, I was more nervous about the journey than the actual audition…
I arrived around 9:40am for a 10:00am start time. It was a generally chilled atmosphere — though there was a lot of nervous energy. I quickly started talking to a few of the other applicants. Around 10:00am a woman from admissions carrying our applications took all 11 of us to a conference room where we were asked to fill in some forms regarding monologues and diversity. The woman was very friendly and made plenty of jokes to relax us. As we were filling in the forms, she split our applications into four groups. Once she had left, 3 graduates came in to take the different groups to various audition rooms. My audition room was across the road. When we got there I did my knee stretches ( that sl*t drop from the other week is still affecting my knee), drank plenty of water and focussed myself. Some minutes later, I was called in for my audition.
There were two panellists, both male. I shook their hands, put my belongings to one side then sat directly in front of them on a chair. They were relatively reserved and not very telling in terms of the responses. The initial questions they asked were:
1. What have you been up to?
2. Where else have you applied?
3. General inquiry about my acting experience
After this short interview I was asked to begin m
y pieces. Like my audition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, I chose to perform my contemporary first (Finda from ‘Liberian Girl’ – Diana Nneka Atuona) . I put my chair to one si
de and went towards the back of the room. I had a quick glance at the panel before starting and I noticed that they were writing so I began without asking, in effect commanding their attention (dun kno!). As I had practiced this monologue many times I was very confident and aware of the effect I wanted to have. When I finished, the panel asked me to go straight into the classical piece (Titania from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ – Shakespeare). Again, I was confident and therefore felt secure throughout the performance. Unfortunately, I was then asked to do my third piece (Isabelle from ‘Measure for Measure’ – Shakespeare) which, being my backup piece, was not as exciting to perform nor as refined. Nevertheless, I like to think that my performance was at least engaging. When I had finished they asked me to come closer for more questions. These are the ones I remember:
1. Who is your favourite actor?
2. What was the last thing you saw at the theatre?

At the end of the interview, I thanked them for their time and wished them luck for the rest of the day. I should know the results by the end of the week. Fingers crossed!


UPDATE: I got a letter from RADA on Thursday 26th, 4 days after my audition, stating that I have not been invited back for a recall. I am now focussing on getting into RCS.


3 thoughts on “RADA audition and results

  1. akucbol says:

    Thanks Ivery! I chose the two because of convenience. I did A Mid Summer’s a few years back and I played Titania so that monologue was simple to get back into. I had an audition for the other play so I knew the play pretty well and had already done the prep work so, again, it was convenient.


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