6 weeks in and going strong

This has been a really great week. In terms of my career, I am very pleased with the direction in which it is heading

On Tuesday, I completed my showreel which I have now uploaded to all the important websites for an actor (Casting Call Pro, Spotlight and YouTube).  Thanks to Ideastap and HighSix Media, I managed to get the showreel done for free; Ideastap had a competition whereby budding actors without reels could enter, explaining why they needed a reel at this stage in their careers. However, only 10 from the 114 applicants were selected and thankfully I was among the 10. Luke from HighSix Media (who helped with my reel) was really great and easy-going. He also was very honest and open to my ideas. Having those characteristics in a professional setting is fundamental. (The worst thing is being in a professional environment where you cannot communicate with whoever you are working with due to their inability to listen to you and respect your opinion.) Overall, the session was a big success and I am confident that my showreel improves my chances of getting working.

On Wednesday, I had a meeting with a sound engineer called David who specialises in voiceover work, something that I aim to get more experience in over the next few years. I spoke to him about my why I wanted to get into voiceover and where I am in terms of finding my target audience.  I told David that I intended to go to drama school in September 2016. His main concern was that I would get a voice agent and would then have to suddenly part ways with them for 3 years while studying, which they obviously wouldn’t be particularly happy about. Nevertheless, I was not going to call it a day and end it there because having as much experience as possible prior to enrolling at a drama school would only strengthen my skillset and create a better foundation for when I leave the school. It would also give me a significant competitive edge. David and I have made plans to create a voicereel next month. In the meantime, I said I would continue to do my research and try to better understand how people hear my voice and the effects it has on them.
On Friday, I did some filming for a friend and her film group at Goldsmith’s University. It was a very fun day of filming and eating delicious brownies. Plus we all got along so well. Everyone was professional and highly creative which inevitability encouraged me, and my fellow actor Marcus, to be more creative and daring in our performance. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the short film will look like once it has been edited.
Yesterday I had a photoshoot for an online-based modelling agency called Lorde Inc. It was very straightforward and the two guys I met, Chris and Jan, put me at ease immediately and they had good personalities. (I cannot efficiently put into words how grateful I am that I worked with/met such nice people this week – it’s been so refreshing and uplifting. I could easily go on forever about this!) I have to give thanks to my home girl Russie for encouraging me to go forth with the application for Lorde Inc. Earlier on in the year, I mentioned that I wanted to start modelling but I said that I would wait until March before applying to agencies. Russie told me that I should apply as soon as possible which I stubbornly didn’t. Some weeks later, she pushed me again and so I applied. I got an immediate response from Lorde Inc. and it’s been positive vibes ever since. They will shortlist some of the people they saw yesterday, and so I will know if I’ll be joining their books by the end of next week.
Next week I have an audition for a play at Gate Theatre. I don’t have exact details yet, but I do know that it is a play based on the Liberian Civil war. In November, I auditioned for a part in a play called ‘Liberian Girl’ and I did a lot of prep for it. Conveniently, I can use a lot of the homework I did for ‘Liberian Girl’ to assist me in preparing for this upcoming audition!
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