For the ladies!

I’ve realised that my first goal of the year (which was to adapt a healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating well) is more of an on-going progression regarding the maintenance of particular standards, and understanding how my lifestyle choices effect my mind and body, as opposed to reaching a specific end goal.So as part of my research I have been utilising Instagram. Prior to this I wasn’t a fan AT ALL – I had some very negative preconceptions about the social network and refused to even consider making an account; but now I can definitely say that I am devout Instagram user.
There are many users on Instagram who aim to share knowledge and discuss ideas, which makes it an extraordinary place to explore things you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. For me, that includes amazingly delicious recipes, unconventional philosophical beliefs, new artists/designers/inventors, etc etc etc . Another incredible thing about it is that you can find so much positivity, inspiration and goodwill on there. What’s even more incredible is seeing women who help, motivate and encourage other women. Until recently it was never something that I was especially aware of or actively involved in simply because it was never a priority in my life. However, in retrospect, a few girl friends and I would constantly try to elevate and support one another, and we still do to this day. The effect that this has had on my life is nothing less than profound. Therefore seeing such encouragement on a much larger scale is both touching and magical.
So ladies let us continue to rise higher together, be brave enough to go beyond our limits and, most importantly, kill off all men. (Joking!)

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