Dealing with self-doubt

I’m at that rather irritating stage that everyone is very familiar with called “self-doubt”. In the last hour or so I have considered a few times whether I have to capacity to fulfil my 4th goal of the year (which is to start working as a model, do commercials and voiceover work). This goal involves taking such a huge leap of faith and stepping into unfamiliar territories and very different worlds of work. I find this stage very intriguing in terms of how I got here mentally, and why I’m still here. Essentially what I need to do now is understand my thoughts and change them accordingly in order to get to wherever I want to go, rather than deteriorating into a state of idleness and self-pity.

First of all, let me work on the “why”: I was feeling doubtful because I lack experience and knowledge about these new industries that I want to enter. Secondly, my 4th goal is job-related and therefore partially dependent on someone else, i.e. an employer. Typically, every employer in these industries would have a certain image and/or particular characteristics that the person they want to hire must to possess. In other words, these industries (sometimes) must be extremely superficial and/or fastidious to fulfil their own criteria; I acknowledge and have accepted the fact that this is the nature of these professions. However, my main concern was that I would never be what they were looking for and that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to deliver what was required when given the opportunity. Indeed, this cycle would undoubtedly have an effect on my self-confidence and prosperity in the long run.


In terms of the “how” I already know the answer: I got into this state simply because I let myself get here. Thoughts were fabricated in my own mind, based on fear, and I let that fear take root. Yes, it is true that I lack experience but that should not be an excuse to feel doubtful or substandard. Everyone has to start from somewhere; it is those who choose to see any lack of experience as a challenge that end up successful in their pursuits. Moreover, a lack of knowledge is no reason to give up. Knowledge is everywhere, and given that I have both a working laptop and decent Wi-Fi connection, much of the knowledge that I require to get a head’s start is at my disposal. Lastly, I know who I am and what I am capable of. If an employer does not want to employ me, after thoroughly considering my application, it means that someone else would benefit from the opportunity more than I would. As long as I remain optimistic about my future and believe that I am capable of achieving, success becomes inevitable. I think that is the most useful and positive way to look at the situation.


WOW! I just exhaled and I feel so much better.


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