Feeling Spicy.

So today I had two auditions that were both very different. I would definitely say that the first audition went a lot better than the second, and I think I can explain why.

Firstly, I felt very positive and upbeat when leaving the house this morning to go to Brighton for my first audition. I typically enjoy any form of travelling and the chaos it brings with it; I find that there’s something about rushing around in a major London station that really gets me going! Secondly, I wore a nice outfit and so I felt spicy. This affected the way in which I carried myself and my energy levels. Lastly, the brief for the first audition was very specific in terms of what they were looking for. This gave me something concrete to work with and therefore my preparation for it was a lot more straightforward; I went into the room feeling ready and self-assured. However, I do acknowledge that the lack of specificity in the second audition’s brief meant that I should have done more to create something that’s unexpected and yet still very engaging. Overall there were definitely some risks that I could have taken, but I didn’t quite manage to do so . I will bear this in mind when the next opportunity comes round.



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