Starting the day right helped me ace my audition!

So today I had two auditions that were both very different. The first audition went a lot better than the second, and I think I know why…

Firstly, I felt very positive and upbeat when leaving the house this morning. I typically enjoy any form of travelling and the chaos it brings with it; there’s something about rushing around in a train station that really gets me going.

Anyway, I also wore a nice outfit so I felt spicy and I felt good about myself. This affected the way I carried myself and my energy levels.

The breakdown (character description) for this first audition was very specific in terms of what they were looking for, and so I had something concrete to work with and my preparation for it was a lot more straightforward; I went into the room feeling ready and self-assured.

I thought there wasn’t much detail in the other breakdown for the 2nd audition. In retrospect, I could have done more to propose something new, something unexpected  for the panel. In other words, I could have taken more risks. I will bear this in mind when the next opportunity comes round.




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